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Even though we know of his amazing technical capabilities, these become irrelevant and compel the audience to forget the technical demands of the instrument due to his intelligence, captivating stage presence and natural musicianship​


Joaquin Clerch

Echo award winning performing artist and composer


Daniel's guitar playing will take you into real inspiring journey. 

He has the talent of bringing one into his or her soul. 

Don't miss the experience of hearing his work!

Orit Wolf, Ph.D

Concert Pianist and lecturer at the  Royal Academy of Music, London

Passionate about understanding  the composer, as well as the key aesthetics of the period.

are some of the main concepts that lead me to find my own voice in the crowd.

Sincere to my own feelings, with a deep appreciation and humility

for the written music before me, 

I find that breaking with convention is often the hardest technical fit.

As an interpreter of fine music I

pursue the art of Storytelling

Daniel Schatz is increasingly recognized as an artist of distinction. Praised for keen originality and natural musicianship, he performs regularly with leading orchestras, renowned chamber musicians and an avid recitalist as well, continues to bring forth new ideas and exploring the boundaries of the Classical Guitar and its repertoire

Born in Israel, December 1981, took his first steps learning the classical guitar with M° Igor Verchovsky, M° Yehuda Shrayer and M° Irit Even-Tov with whom he graduated from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. During his studies he attended master classes held by some of the most representative teachers of the international guitar scene including Carlo Marchione (Italy / Holland), David Russell (Scotland / Spain), Charles Ramirez (England), David Teenenbaum (USA), Thomas Mueller-Peraring (Germany),Ricardo Gallen (Spain), Roberto Aussel (Argentina).

After graduating with honors from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, he was accepted to the prestigious and world renowned class of the Cuban guitarist and composer Prof. Joaquin Clerch at the Robert Schumann Musikhochschule in Duesseldorf Germany, where he completed his guitar studies with the highest mark.

Deepened the study of authentic Baroque music performance with the pianist and conductor Prof. Antony Spiri. Devoting his time and vigour to the interpretation of Bach’s music on the Classical Guitar. Participated in several prestigious national and international competitions winning the first prize in International Competition America-Israel cultural foundation, DAAD's (Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dients) 1st prize for all musical instruments, 1st prize in "Rigey Si" guitar competition in Israel etc.


He has performed at major festivals around the world including important venues in Europe, South America and Israel. Among those, the international guitar festival in Lima, "Kfar Blum music" festival, Ralli Museum Cesaria, Recanati Hall and Tzavta Hall Tel-Aviv, Bach Haus in Halle, The Romanian Athenaeum – Bucharest "Palais Wittgenstein" - Duesseldorf, Schloss Schwetzingen - Baden-Wuerttemberg, Jerusalem Music center in Mishkenot Sha'ananim. In addition, his concerts were broadcasted in Israel's classical music radio station and live TV performances.


His Solo repertoire is diverse and consists of different styles and epochs: from Renaissance to modern, classical to Latin American music both originals for the guitar as well as his own arrangements.